About us

A happy workforce is a productive workforce

Lloyd & Co Employee Benefits is an independent specialist employee benefits broker, working with personal, SME and corporate clients across the UK.

The company was born out of a desire to bring employee benefits to life by establishing the needs, wants and dreams of our clients. We have grown organically since our inception in 2009, largely down to the passion we have for what we do. With our Head Office being situated in Southport Merseyside, a further office situated in Hertfordshire, and staff located throughout the UK, we cater for clients irrespective of your location. 

Our focus is on building long term client relationships, through the delivery of quality service. We aim to make complex issues clear and understandable, to listen to your needs, and to deliver what we promise. 

Lloyd & Co Employee Benefits recognises our clients are unique with their own agendas in business. Our role is to assist them in making the right choices to facilitate what they want from their Health & Wellbeing strategy.

Mission Statement

We are at our best for clients, employees, and insurers when we live by these values, these are at the heart of our company.


The earned trust of clients, employees and insurers serves as the basis of a strong business.


Understanding and creating an engaged workforce allows us to develop a happier, more productive place to work.


Motivating and supporting our employees, the companies, and insurers we work with. We are all a work in progress so let us grow and build together.

The Lloyd & Co. Brands

Independent Financial Advice Reinvented. Although we are Chartered, we are also very friendly. We smile a lot and make great tea and coffee. We want to inspire you to live the best life you can and provide the peace of mind that you can afford to do it.

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Lloyd & Co. Employee Benefits work with you and your staff to create a tailored benefit package to meet your needs, wants and dreams. We help harness the power of employee engagement, creating a desirable productive workforce.

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Lloyd & Co. Insurance evolved from our financial planning and employee benefits businesses, as our existing clients really appreciated our service and wanted us to look after all of their business protection needs. Our insurance division has since flourished however it still works closely with the other business divisions to ensure client service is at the centre of our mission.

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Our Wills, Power of Attorney, IHT and Trust Planning services are second to none. We will ensure you are thoroughly informed about your options and given the peace of the mind that you have adequately prepared your financial affairs for your family in your absence. Once it's done, it's done and you can relax.

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Combining decades of experience to reassure and protect businesses and individuals alike