Employee Benefits

Group Income Protection

This scheme will provide a huge level of support to employees at a real time of need, whilst also minimising the sick pay costs to your company. We will tailor this scheme to match your company’s sick pay policies and give you a much higher level of support. 

If an employee is prevented from working because of a long-term illness or injury, a Group Income Protection policy will provide a financial benefit and rehabilitation support. A feature of these plans is that it pays a proportion of the employee’s salary should they be unable to work due for a prolonged period of time.

We can provide your employees with…
  • Peace of mind knowing that they will get a percentage of their wage in the event of a long-term absence from work due to serious illness or injury. 
  • A tailored plan to offer different cover to different groups within the company. 
  • Offers rehabilitation support to get staff back sooner.